Rules: Recruitment

* Being a member of Mordors Most Wanted, you must agree on several rules and follow the guidelines.
* Being a new member of Mordor's Most Wanted you will have a 3 week "trial period" before you will be a member. All officers of MMW will have to agree on making trial member a full member of MMW.

Rules: Behavior

* Insulting other players aren't permitted.
* Show respect to your kinmembers and other players in Middle Earth.
* Showing yourself as a bad example to others on the server will resolve into a kick/ban. Try not to argue or flame to other people. Contact the Officers first

Rules: Chat and Ventrilo
* No one is permitted to swear in chat. This rule exist because of children able to read them.
* No one is permitted to swear on Ventrilo. This rule exist because of children able to hear it.

Rules: Raids

* Sign up at a raid = Be there! Whenever you aren't able to attend, let the raidleader know in time.
* You must have the following items on the ready before every Raid: Hope pots , Battle and Warding scrolls, enough regeneration food, fear/poison/disease/wound pots.
* Fully repaired gear
* All in the raid must be on TS, no need to speak, but have to listen.

Rules: Leaving

* Leaving MMW isn't a crime. But before you do that, please talk with one of the officers before you leave

Rules: Kick/Ban

* People who aren't following the rules and guidelines will get 1 warning.
* People won't get a second warning and will eventually be kicked out of MMW. In the most worse cases a ban would be the final solution

Rules: Kin Note
If you have alts in the kin please put a player note on who's alt it is.