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About Mordors Most Wanted

Mordors Most Wanted is a rank 10 kinship that celebrate 8 years October 23rd  2017. We have undergone various changes in personnel, as all kins do, over the past  years but we remain constant in our goal to create a family feeling within the kin.

We have a range of members who are fun, helpful, determined and willing to help out others; including those who want to take part in all instances, raids and endgame content as well as those who just want to play their own way.

Our leaders and officers  are all veterans of all the raids and instances in the game.

Our mainly mature members (well, in years, anyway!) range from the very experienced to some new players, with one main focus - to enjoy the game.

  • Leader - Mian
  • Co-leader - Beregror
  • Officers - Toltobard,   Kientol, Leketh and Dessy


To apply to our kin, join Guild Launch and then make an application to the kinship.
Please read this before applying.

Member Recognition