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re: Before Making an application read this First


MMW Rules and Guidelines
pls allow us sometime to read your application, we get back to you asap.

Rules: Recruitment
* To apply you must be over 18 years old.
* Being a member of Mordors Most Wanted, you must agree on several rules and follow the guidelines.
* Being a new member of Mordor's Most Wanted you will have a 3 week "trial period" before you will be a member. All officers of MMW will have to agree on making trial member a full member of MMW.

Rules: Behavior

* Insulting other players aren't permitted.
* Show respect to your kinmembers and other players in Middle Earth.
* Showing yourself as a bad example to others on the server will resolve into a kick/ban. Try not to argue or flame to other people. Contact the Officers first

Rules: Raids

* Sign up at a raid = Be there! Whenever you aren't able to attend, let the raidleader know in time.
* You must have the following items on the ready before every Raid: 3x Hope pot (+5 hope/30 minutes), 3x Battle and Warding scrolls (500 offensive, 1000 defensive, enough regeneration food)
* Fully repaired gear
* Legendary Weapons must be enchanted by Beleriand or Westernesse scrolls (exception: RK stones, LM staves, Minstrel weapons)

Rules: Leaving

* Leaving MMW isn't a crime. But before you do that, please talk with one of the officers before you leave

Rules: Kick/Ban

* People who aren't following the rules and guidelines will get 1 warning.
* People won't get a second warning and will eventually be kicked out of MMW. In the most worse cases a ban would be the final solution

Rules: Kin Note
If you have alts in the kin please put a player note on who's alt it is.

For those who play in Ettenmoors:
Guidelines 1v1 (Good TA mappoint)

We are fully aware of that 1v1 isn't a proclaimed area by Turbine, but it has been a respected area (by most creeps and freeps ) for many years.
There will always be some who will gank there (freep and creeps), but that doesn't mean that MMW members should stoop to that level.
MMW have the reputaion of not being 1v1 gankers and we don't want our members to be labeled "ganker" and we would very much like to keep that reputation.

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