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About Mordors Most Wanted

Mordors Most Wanted is a rank 10 kinship that was founded october 23rd 2009. We have undergone various changes in personnel, as all kins do, over the past  years but we remain constant in our goal to create a family feeling within the kin.

Our mainly mature members (well, in years, anyway!) range from the very experienced to some new players, with one main focus - to enjoy the game.

  • Leader - Mian
  • Co-leader - Beregror
  • Officers - Toltobard,   Kientol, Leketh and Dessy


To apply to our kin, join Guild Launch and then make an application to the kinship.
Please read this before applying.


Mordors Most Wanted Kinship Charter

Mordor's Most Wanted......

Kinship Charter....

In Association With :-
Michael Delving Pipe and Pie Club
Lothlorien Fine Wine Tasters
Nogland Fishing Club
and Bree Free Drinkers (World Tour)

Welcome one and all to the new and improved Mordor's Most Wanted Kinship Charter.
(Being a guide and code of conduct for our members and officers as they pursue their goals throughout Middle Earth.

The basis of this Charter is to provide our members with clearly defined guidelines on what we offer and expect.

Social Etiquette :-
We use many forms of communication in game from Globallff to kinchat toTeamspeak. Please remember the following (especially when using voice)
i) Avoid excessive swearing. Many of our members are of the fair(ish) sex, and whilst some can swear more eloquently than a drill sergeant major who has just hit his thumb with a raw recruit, others do not like it at all. We all do it - there's just no need to shout about it.
Please remember we aren't always in a room by ourselves, children, parents and pensioners maybe offended.
ii) Sexual References. Again, there has been some mention of excessive sexual conversation in Mumble. Please remember we have members of all ages and sensibilities. What may not offend you may, in fact, be deeply offensive to someone else. Therefore we require all members to refrain from making any overtly sexual comments.
iii) Try not to swear in global or public channels, bad thing can happen


As with any MMO, raiding is a big part of endgame content. Your officers try to offer a range of raids and instances every week. But, please, please remember every single person in the raid is there for a reason, whether it's the challenge of a new boss, the nice loot, or just to hang with your friends; and not being adequately geared or traited can mean the difference between a happy raid or 2hrs of painful wipes.

For the benefit of all we expect anyone who signs up to MMW raid to :-

i) Bring hope/scrolls morale/power pots and food (mitigation or stat as your class requires)

ii) Be online at 18.30 (uk), repaired and ready for invite so the raid can start at 19.00. If you can't make it after you have signed up and are unable to let us know either through the forums or Facebook, we will hold your spot till 19.00, but then endeavour to fill from with the kin.

iii) Sign as tentative if you think you might be able to go but can't commit, this gives the raid leader a basis to work on when he's assigning the groups.

iv) Have traits at a level where they will make a difference. Having 5 or 6 in a slotted virtue is not really good enough anymore with how much damage the bosses do now. We can usually get a few people up to grind out a couple of levels of Zeal or Valour, so don't be afraid to ask!

v)Know how to play your class. It's basic but important, i.e. not pulling aggro off the tank and getting 1 shotted which wastes an in combat rez - then the healer can't get one and the raid wipes.
Not breaking mezzes, fears, stuns, unless told to do so, AoE skill are awesome.... sometimes.
Pro-active healing lets get those HoTs and Anthems going (personally i love a good sing song whilst quartering orcs and goblins)

vi) Be on Teamspeak to raid. Not everyone needs a mic but everyone does need to be able to listen.

vii)If you don't get picked, please don't be upset - sometimes we are awash with certain classes and we have to balance the group to ensure the success of the raid.

viii) Remember that not showing up for a run without telling us keeps 11 others waiting, makes the raid leader have to rearrange the groups, causes some people to relog and with this the run is delayed.

General Stuff

We use TS3 all the time, even when not raiding, don't be on the outside. Join us on the inside, Mian has cookies and Beregror relates amusing stories about dwarfs and things found in their beards.

If you want to do something, ASK!!!! ask in kinchat, ask in Teamspeak. We are Mordors Most Wanted and we do everything.
To paraphrase one of our officers, ask not what you can do for the kin, but instead ask what can the kin do for you!

Raid sign ups close at 17.00 on the day. this gives the raid leaders time to plan the correct group make up for whichever raid is planned. People who sign up who only have a couple of classes will try to be given priority - must sometimes we have more of a certain class than we need, so you might be unlucky, don't worry there is always another day.

Please don't sign up as a available if you are not 100% sure you can attend, just use the tentative flag, this allows the raid leaders to make the correct balance and ensure the raids start on time. What is only 19.00 in the UK is already 20.00 in europe as so delays can make things drag out too long.

Member Recognition